“Save Cobra and Co.” is my personal  fundraising campaign for the service of helping reptiles and the island community. By donating you can help me to treat and nurse injured snakes, lizards and turtles, and release them back to their familiar territory. Also you can help me to fund printing of info brochures or posters for schools or our local island communities.


“Save People, Save Snakes” is the great sister campaign of my friend and future collaboration partner Bartosz Nardolski and his already successfully operating Sakaerat Naja Project team. This campaign funds the bigger picture.

By sending donations you can support our common cobra research project on Phangan and Sakaerat, which aims on gaining knowledge about lifestyle, movement patterns and habits of cobras, and spread this knowledge in the island community, or even to countries, that have same issues with other cobras of the genus Naja. That way we can find out ways to prevent bite accidents and to coexist with these beautiful creatures in the future.

Here you get straight to the Naja Project campaign video, to introduce you to our team. On youtube you can choose between 13 or more subtitles.

By donating our projects you can make a huge difference.

Thanks to all true wildlife lovers!!!