Interesting videos with facts about reptiles

Harmless Cobra Strike

After my 2 days absence I found posts with the question about the chance to get bitten by cobras on our island again. Well! I bet you will rather die by motorbike accident or any other causes.

Here another nice video clip of my favorite herpetologist Rom Whitaker in the bbc documentary “One Million Snake Bites”.

This time with a close relative of our Monocled Cobra (Naja Kaouthia), the Indian or Spectacled Cobra (Naja Naja).

The video was shot with high speed cam, to prove the fact, that cobras rarely strike in purpose to kill humans. But do your math!


King Cobra Encounter with Rom Whittaker

Today I want to show you a nice demonstration of Rom Whitaker, one of my favorite herpetologists and reptile conservationists.
People often ask me, how they should react, if they have an unexpected encounter with cobras. And I hear often, that I must be completly nuts to handle aggressive cobras.
But true Cobras of the family Naja, or the biggest hooded venomous snake of the world, the King Cobra (Ophiophagus Hannah) aren’t really aggressive. They just get an extreme adrenalin kick, and are extremely scared. But do the math! This clip of the BBC documentary 1 Million Snake Bites shows Rom with a wild aprox 3.5m long King Cobra. Please don’t try to get in a situation like this by yourself, as long you don’t have experience with venomous snakes. But if you get accidently in a situation like this, remind yourself on this clip, and try to do exactly the same. Don’t move! Just wait.


Asian Water Monitor Lizard the monks best friend

In Thailand some people still eat them. Some believe they bring bad luck. They call them even “the damned”(Hia). I think this monk makes it clear folks. Monitor Lizards are the primates of the reptile world. Once they make friends to humans they can be faithful friends just like dogs or rather like cats, because they have also their own life, and are not dependent from us. But once socialized they become very curious , and like to hang around with us.


An amazing documentary of the anatomy of our in Thailand more and more rare getting Burmese Python (Python Bivittatus), the next related to our famous Monty, the Reticulated Python. Burmese Pythons got once imported as pets in the US, and released to the wild by people who got overwhelmed by it’s size, and issues to get enough food for such a big animal. Now he is threatening wildlife in the everglades as a top predator. As an understandable result pythons aren’t very popular over there. That’s why they’re allowed to hunt and kill them. I wished humans would be that consequent with other pests of more popular animals. But unfortunately pythons don’t have fur. Anyway… check out, how amazingly evolution has equipped this fantastic creature for it’s successful survival.

A marvel of mother nature.

A short video teaser of a soon airing BBC documentary of the snake research teams at Sakaerat Biosphere Research Centre of the Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve .

The teams do most commonly research about behavior on King Cobras and True Cobras in the north of Thailand.